Sunday, July 22, 2012


SNAP UP and listen! P r o t o t y p e R a p t o r (aka Jonathan Paulsen) has been heating up; known for his electro-fidget style and combining this perfectly with a deep melodic design. You may be wondering; what's this kid drouin? Well, he's been busy drouin big things and LG is bringing you a few raptor bombs for your listening pleasures. Backed by artists such as Wolfgang Gartner & Porter Robinson, LG looks forward to more big things in 2012 from P r o t o t y p e R a p t o r. Below, first bomb; Jurassic Snack Pack, bumping; second a little calmer but superb remix of Deadmau5's - the Veldt, and last bomb which initially got LG hooked is Drive Hard.

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